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Your Waddell & Reed financial advisor has the expertise to analyze your personal information, consider potential outcomes and make informed decisions about your financial plan. With access to our sophisticated financial planning software, your advisor can provide an enhanced experience and deliver a plan that manages your data and adapts to your needs.

Our FOCUSPlan® services range from basic to advanced (tax-sensitive, detailed cash flow planning) and can address any or all of the following areas:

Financial Profile - Details your financial concerns and needs, as well as key information about your current situation.

Retirement - Reviews projected retirement needs based on your desired income and expected expenses in retirement.

Survivor Income Needs - Evaluates the financial impact of each person’s death on their ability to achieve defined financial goals.

Education Funding - Considers the need to save for educational expenses and what the future cost of those goals will entail.

Estate Review - Analyzes your current estate situation and various estate planning techniques.

Asset Allocation - Reviews your current investments and provides basic strategies for specific financial objectives.

Income Tax - Assesses your current federal and state tax status, as well as taxable income, and analyzes the impact of implementing various tax strategies.

Goal Funding - Explores additional financial accumulation goals and their impact on your overall financial plan.

Disability Income - Investigates the potential impact of a permanent disability on your financial goals.

Long-Term Care - Analyzes the consequences of long-term care expenses on your financial resources.

Additional Benefits of Advanced Services
FOCUSPlan® also offers a variety of advanced services that provide a more in-depth and detailed analysis.

Business Planning Strategy: If you own your own business, you have an asset that may greatly impact your income, net worth and overall financial and estate planning. This service analyzes the value of the business under five different valuation methods, addresses important issues regarding continuity planning and assists with executive compensation planning.

Investment Planning Services: Based on individual time horizon and risk tolerance levels, this service provides advanced asset allocation strategies for specific financial objectives. Also included are specific recommendations of a specific model portfolio or custom optimization to create a personalized asset mix for investment positions and monthly savings.

Wealth Forecasting Service (Monte Carlo Analysis): Once a plan is developed, it can be very helpful to evaluate and analyze the plan in view of all the variables and uncertainties of the future. This service analyzes the probability of the success of your current and proposed financial plans using a statistical analysis that considers the impact of various economic uncertainties.

Estate Planning Strategies: The effect of implementing various estate planning strategies is reviewed under this service. More in-depth planning capabilities include, detailed analysis of advanced retirement and/or estate planning strategies to address more complicated and complex situations.

FOCUSPlan® Premier: This in-depth financial planning service provides detailed analysis of basic or advanced retirement planning and/or estate planning strategies. In addition, this service can address almost any financial consideration or concern, such as cash flow, education funding, disability income, survivor needs and stock options.

Waddell & Reed, Inc. offers financial planning services in its capacity as a registered investment adviser. Consult your financial advisor for a breakdown of the fees associated with these services.

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