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The Tax Center provides information that may aid you in preparing for the upcoming tax reporting season. In this section, you will find a list of the tax information you may receive, along with the expected mail dates, and other special tax requirements.

Tax Information Mailing Schedule
Review tax forms and the expected mail dates.

Withholding of State Income Tax
Review the various state income tax requirements mandated on certain distributions from retirement accounts.

Understanding Changes to Cost Basis Reporting
The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 enacted legislation requiring financial services companies to maintain and report cost basis information for mutual fund purchases and subsequent redemptions to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and investors effective January 1, 2012.

Online Access to Your Tax Forms
Review Form 1099 and other mutual fund related tax forms as well as details about special tax issues for shareholders.

2015 Tax Guides
The forms included are IRS Form 1099-DIV, IRS Form 1099-B and IRS Form 1099-R.

The tax information in this section of the website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended, and should not be construed, as a recommendation, or legal, tax, or investment advice. You should consult your tax advisor to answer questions about your specific situation or needs.

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