Waddell & Reed

Online Account Features

Once you have registered for Waddell & Reed’s online account access you can manage your accounts through our website at your convenience. Through our online service you’ll be able to:

View & download information

  • Current balances
  • Historical account balances (available at an account or fund view)
  • Transaction history including pending transactions
  • Download account transaction data for import into Quicken (version 2012 through 2014), Microsoft Money or Excel
  • View or download tax information directly into TurboTax
  • View or download tax information directly into H&R Block At Home (formerly known as Tax Cut)
  • Cost Basis details for Non-Retirement fund/account(s)
  • Account beneficiaries (for applicable account types)
  • Current bank information for online investing
  • Dealer or representative on your account

Execute transactions *

  • Subsequent purchases in your existing account
  • Redeem shares (via ACH, Check, Wire)
  • Exchanges shares from one fund to another, within the same share class and same account

* Please contact your financial advisor to set up these account features and to obtain additional detail

Update account options

  • Sign up for eDelivery Paperless Services (Statements, Daily Confirmations, Compliance Reports)
  • Current distribution options for your non-retirement accounts
  • Change your address of record.
  • Order new checkbooks for your accounts that allow check writing.
  • Change your Cost Basis Method
  • Change your User ID
  • Change your personal identification number (PIN).
  • Request a duplicate of your most recent year-to-date Investor statements.
  • Request a duplicate of any tax form that had been generated for your account for the previous tax year.

When you don’t have the convenience of online access, you can still get account information by phone through our automated voice response system at 1-888-923-3355 (WADDELL).

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