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An account with Waddell & Reed can only be opened through a registered financial advisor. Once you have established an account, you can continue to manage transactions through your financial advisor or directly with Waddell & Reed. Following are a variety of forms to assist you in managing your existing account(s).

Note: In order to save any forms completed electronically, you must use Adobe Acrobat version 7 or higher. You can download the most recent version at www.adobe.com.

Form Name/Description Download Form
Purchase Account Service Request
Exchange Account Service Request
Transfer Account Service Request
Redemption Account Service Request
Systematic Exchange Request
Multi-Transactional Account Service Request
Cost Basis Account Method Election
Account Maintenance (Non-Financial)
Address Change Request
Automatic Investment Service
Flexible Withdrawal Service
Authorization for Express Transactions
IRA Plan Redemption Request
IRA Plan Transfer Request
Beneficiary Designation for TODs
Beneficiary Designation for IRAs
Beneficiary Designation for Qualified Plans
Alternate Pay/Address Request
InvestEd 529 Change of Investment Form
InvestEd 529 Designation Beneficiary Change Form
InvestEd Successor Owner Change Request
InvestEd Withdrawal Request

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