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Investment Process

Waddell & Reed, Inc. is home to a national network of financial advisors who build personal financial plans for investors, plans that are built around a wide range of investment products from dozens of different mutual families and other financial products.

Our parent firm also is home to a proven investment organization, Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company, utilizing a dynamic process featuring global insight from portfolio managers, economists, analysts and traders.

Every day, Waddell & Reed’s investment team gathers for its morning meeting, a collaborative setting fostering idea sharing and bringing together a range of market and industry insights. It's a process we started decades ago, and it is integral to what we believe to be the best culture for investment management – one that stresses group collaboration to create our best thinking, and individual portfolio manager accountability to implement it. With a team of analysts assigned to companies, industries and sectors around the world, regardless of geography, this daily interactions uncovers key ideas daily on behalf of our investors.

Waddell & Reed’s investment team is:

Collaborative & Accountable  The exchange of information makes us more knowledgeable. Individual accountability holds us to the highest standards.
Risk-Focused  We believe wealth is built by protecting assets in challenging markets through an unrelenting focus on risk management.
Rigorous  We do our own research throughout the world, analyzing companies rather than relying solely on widely available research produced by others.

Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company serves as investment advisor to the Waddell & Reed Advisors Group of Mutual Funds, Ivy Funds Variable Insurance Portfolios, and InvestEd Portfolios, Ivy Investment Management Company serves as investment advisor to Ivy Funds.

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