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Delaware Ivy Funds - A Shares
Fund Name Ticker Symbol CUSIP Fund Number
Delaware Ivy Accumulative Fund IATAX 46600G879 682
Delaware Ivy Asset Strategy Fund WASAX 466000759 606
Delaware Ivy Balanced Fund IBNAX 465898625 644
Delaware Ivy California Municipal High Income Fund IMHAX 465899144 600
Delaware Ivy Cash Management Fund IAAXX 46600G697 685
Delaware Ivy Core Equity Fund WCEAX 466000106 601
Delaware Ivy Corporate Bond Fund IBJAX 46600G101 681
Delaware Ivy Crossover Credit Fund ICKAX 46600B730 679
Delaware Ivy Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund IECAX 465899227 631
Delaware Ivy Energy Fund IEYAX 466000395 694
Delaware Ivy Global Bond Fund IVSAX 465899748 697
Delaware Ivy Global Equity Income Fund IBIAX 465899631 659
Delaware Ivy Global Growth Fund IVINX 465897502 617
Delaware Ivy Government Money Market Fund WRAXX 466000486 670
Delaware Ivy Government Securities Fund IGJAX 46600B227 690
Delaware Ivy High Income Fund WHIAX 466000668 609
Delaware Ivy High Income Opportunities Fund IVH 246107106 991
Delaware Ivy High Yield Fund IPNAX 46600A310 650
Delaware Ivy International Core Equity Fund IVIAX 465897353 613
Delaware Ivy International Small Cap Fund IVJAX 46600A682 678
Delaware Ivy International Value Fund ICDAX 465898880 615
Delaware Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund WLGAX 466000627 667
Delaware Ivy LaSalle Global Real Estate Fund IREAX 465899359 658
Delaware Ivy Limited-Term Bond Fund WLTAX 466000882 603
Delaware Ivy Managed International Opportunities Fund IVTAX 465898229 695
Delaware Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund WMGAX 466000577 668
Delaware Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities Fund IVOAX 46600B102 663
Delaware Ivy Multi-Asset Income Fund IMAAX 46600B847 673
Delaware Ivy Municipal Bond Fund WMBAX 466000841 604
Delaware Ivy Municipal High Income Fund IYIAX 466001849 665
Delaware Ivy Natural Resources Fund IGNAX 465897429 612
Delaware Ivy ProShares Interest Rate Hedged High Yield Index Fund IAIRX 46600A518 662
Delaware Ivy Proshares MSCI ACWI Index Fund IMWAX 46600A377 660
Delaware Ivy ProShares Russell 2000 Dividend Growers Index Fund IRUAX 46600A575 653
Delaware Ivy ProShares S&P 500 Bond Index Fund IAPRX 46600A443 661
Delaware Ivy S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index Fund IDAAX 46600A641 654
Delaware Ivy Science and Technology Fund WSTAX 466000718 608
Delaware Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund IBOAX 465898344 646
Delaware Ivy Securian Real Estate Securities Fund IRSAX 465898476 648
Delaware Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund WSGAX 466000502 602
Delaware Ivy Smid Cap Core Fund IYSAX 465898435 645
Delaware Ivy Strategic Income Fund IAPOX 46600B805 674
Delaware Ivy Systematic Emerging Markets Equity Fund IPOAX 465897866 611
Delaware Ivy Total Return Bond Fund IRBAX 46600B789 652
Delaware Ivy Value Fund IYVAX 465898385 632
Delaware Ivy Wilshire Global Allocation Fund IWGAX 46600G788 683

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