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A Career With A Plan

Becoming a Waddell & Reed financial advisor brings an opportunity to pursue and achieve your goals in a way that other companies simply can’t match. We offer an unequaled combination of product, process and focus, built on a culture of support that embraces your uniqueness and empowers your efforts. This combination gives you, and us, a distinct position in the industry.

Your career plan comes complete with:

  • A culture that embraces your individuality
  • A professional development program that focuses and clarifies your career path
  • Customized support and expertise you can rely on
  • Compensation and recognition programs that reward your good work
  • A complete line of products to meet your clients’ needs
  • State-of-the-art technology to bring ease and efficiency to your day

When it comes to your career as a financial advisor, we believe the most valuable aspect is you. Your experiences, insights, interests and aspirations form the basis of your career. We’ll provide you with personal guidance and professional development, empower you with outstanding solutions and reward you for a job well done. But it is your individual connection to your clients that will build your success, helping you take your career as far as you desire. It’s all about helping others realize their financial dreams, while you work toward yours. Understanding your clients is important. Identifying with your clients is the Waddell & Reed difference.

Ultimately it’s the path, not just the destination, that counts.

And Waddell & Reed offers you a path with direction.

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