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Are you a successful attorney, teacher, accountant, business owner, corporate manager, pharmaceutical sales rep, counselor or consultant, but want something more from your career? Do you want more freedom, more meaningful interactions, more control over your earning potential or just simply more satisfaction? Do you believe your knowledge and expertise could be channeled into a new endeavor that could potentially propel you to even greater heights? Do you just want a change, a fresh start, a better life?

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We have hundreds of successful, fulfilled financial advisors who asked themselves those same questions and found their previous professional experience could be maximized and enhanced by a career in the financial services industry. Many of them have leveraged their knowledge, their passions and their contacts into uncommon success. It is clear, there aren't many career opportunities that offer unlimited earning potential, the flexibility to manage your own schedule and a real opportunity to change people's lives. Well, you've just found one.

As a financial advisor with Waddell & Reed, you'll experience the independence and flexibility that come with serving clients, while helping them define and work toward their personal goals and dreams. We are confident that your experience to date will only benefit you in the future, help shape your client-base and better understand their needs.

When you join Waddell & Reed, you'll find:

  • The education, tools, materials, processes and programs you need to get started right away
  • Encouragement, guidance and support that help you build your business your way
  • Unlimited earnings potential
  • The opportunity to play an ongoing and meaningful role in people's lives
  • A long-term planning perspective unaffected by trends or sales goals.
  • Independence and flexibility to manage your own schedule and clients
  • Home office support and subject matter experts

We respect what you've already accomplished and would like to see you soar above that. Your future is yours to navigate, and you can reach your career goals with Waddell & Reed.

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