Waddell & Reed

Sample Transition Timeline*

5-6 Weeks Before Resignation/Affiliation Date

  • Complete Candidate Profile
  • Sign and return offer letter and contract
  • Meet your Transition Specialist

3-4 Weeks Before Resignation/Affiliation Date

  • Determine desired office space, begin set-up
  • Review computer requirements, ensure standards are met
  • Submit preferences for stationery and business cards
  • Complete product training
  • Complete appropriate insurance appointment paperwork
  • Review pre-approved client notification letter
  • Complete training on Waddell & Reed paperwork
  • Complete online licensing

2 Weeks Before Resignation/Affiliation Date

  • Update database with allowable client information
  • Finalize insurance/variable annuity company appointments
  • Review call schedule with subject matter expert

1 Week Before Resignation/Affiliation Date

  • Draft customized letter of resignation
  • Participate in applicable technology training

Affiliation Date

  • Submit resignation letter
  • Sign Form U-4
  • Resignation verified
  • U-4 electronically submitted
  • Receive FINRA approval notification
  • Waddell & Reed advisor number assigned
  • System access granted
  • Account forms mailed to clients
  • Meet with priority clients, gathering signatures

2 Weeks After Affiliation Date

  • Continue to contact clients, gather signatures
  • Local press announcement

3 - 6 Weeks After Affiliation Date

  • Customized training program begins
  • ACAT and non-ACAT activity monitored

7 - 8 Weeks After Affiliation Date

  • Client appreciation event

Our Transition Specialists are flexible and experienced and recognize those parts of the transition that require closer attention and a finer touch. While we know that many elements of transition are consistent from advisor to advisor, we recognize that your transition will require a unique and customized approach. Understanding that, we will construct a process that works with your schedule and business needs and will allow for a seamless transition.

*Transition activities are subject to Regulation S-P and other applicable regulatory requirements, your current firm’s privacy policy and any contract/agreement you may have with your current firm.