Waddell & Reed

Learning Resources

As a Waddell & Reed financial advisor, you’ll be exposed to new concepts, master skills and conduct research using a variety of online resources. The technology we equip you with enables you to tap into industry expertise and current information, as well as sales and marketing trends. It will at once make your day-to-day life easier and help you build your business.

eLearn (Pinpoint Global Communications)

eLearn, our learning management system is a virtual classroom delivered via the Internet. eLearn includes live sessions with real-time application sharing and pre-recorded, interactive, multimedia events. Each session shows you how to effectively utilize a particular application such as NETX360™, INVESTMENTPlan, SmartOffice or FOCUSPlan. In addition, eLearn records your progress so you can easily identify training sessions you have already completed. eLearn is a key resource for our advisors, providing a user-friendly experience not only in the area of technology training, but with respect to continuing education and professional development.

Tax Facts and Field Guide (National Underwriter Company)

Tax Facts and Field Guide provides an up-to-date resource for issues surrounding the tax implications of your clients' investments. With essential references covering investments, insurance, annuities, charitable giving, education funding, retirement plans, employee benefits and more, Tax Facts and Field Guide provides expert answers and makes it easy to find what you need. This online service includes a wide array of calculators, comprehensive charts and detailed alerts to support a variety of financial planning issues.

Forefield Advisor™

Forefield Advisor is a sales, education, and client communication tool that enables you to deliver current, concise and compliant information to your clients while saving you valuable research time. This robust application provides access to more than 3,000 resources made up of over 2,300 articles, 200 illustrations and tables, 200 interactive calculators and over 400 presentations. Resources are organized by 17 life events and 10 financial goals. Forefield Advisor allows you to:

  • Receive e-mail alerts on a variety of topics including recent legislation and industry changes, market events and sales opportunities.
  • Create marketing presentations across a variety of financial planning topics that are easily customized.
  • Explain complicated planning strategies and financial concepts using consumer friendly materials.
  • Fulfill your continuing education requirements using Forefield's CE Service.
  • Create customized, FINRA-reviewed, and fully branded newsletters for clients, including both PDF and HTML e-mail versions.

Waddell & Reed's innovative suite of technology, responsive service and flexible resources seamlessly combine to make your challenging job a little simpler. We believe that with this added efficiency comes the ability for you to provide more sophisticated and focused client service. We give you the right tools, ensure you understand how to maximize their power and help you keep them running smoothly. When technology is done right, it makes all the difference.